Painting on silk is a wonder to me, the way the paint reacts and moves over the fibres is a fascinating process. I love the way the colours blend and change as the painting develops, the colours changing as they dry. Images I paint changing shape. Learning how to control the paint to make the image has been challenging and rewarding at the same time.

I began painting on silk 25 years ago when I was living in Denmark. My Danish was atrocious, and I decided that learning an art was one way to immerse myself into the Danish language and community. My Danish improved and I met some wonderful patient people.

Over the years I have painted many things, quilts for babies, clothes for adults, scarves and ties. One special dress was for my daughters first birthday, bright pink with giraffes!  When my ‘little’ girl asked me to paint a veil for her wedding I was not sure it was possible.  I wanted to try and give her what she had asked for. And so Star & Leaf was born.  It took 12 months to refine the painting process. Now I want other brides to have the opportunity to display their character on their wedding day.  Every bride is unique and should have the opportunity to show her loved ones her individuality on her special day.

I would be delighted to help you show your unique side on your special day. Get in touch so we can have a chat about your wedding day and the love of your life.