Once we have discussed your wedding, I will begin the design process.

I will suggest ideas and you can decide what you feel best displays your personality and wedding choices.  I will then sketch a design for you, it will not be set in stone. Designing a veil is an organic process and the design will not be final until you decide it is, or I have put the first stroke of my paintbrush onto your veil.

Every design is as unique as you, let’s get excited about your vision together. Will it be a beautiful delicate shower of roses, and petals the same colour as your bouquet, with little flashes of green to complement your foliage? Maybe you would choose bright and bold chrysanthemum and sunflowers, or reflect the fields of corn and delicate blue cornflowers. Other designs may include cascading leaves in greens or autumnal colours.

For clients who want something a little different, I could paint stars, star signs or constellations. For a more eclectic design, I can decorate your veil with coloured spots, hearts or rainbows.  Or if your wedding is in a less traditional venue I could match your veil to the surroundings.

Let your imagination and my paintbrush go on an adventure together.

Contact Debbie to design your unique veil